Moving on a rainy day

Choosing moving dayOne of the most uncomfortable things you can witness in your removal process is to combine the stress of house move with rain. One of the biggest things you will be praying about on your moving day is to have a great weather. This is because you will go through a lot of discomfort if you move on a rainy or snowy day. This is actually why the summer time is the best time for the house moving adventure. This is also why it is called the peak moving period. So, when you do not move during the peak summer periods, you will run the risk of rain and heavy snow on the day of your move. However, when you have to do this as a necessity, you just have to brace up and do it by following these steps.

Overcoming rainy removal

You should start by getting up to date information about the weather of your town when you are planning the Maidstone removals. Know about the exact weather expectation for the day and get ready for it. When you are aware of what the weather of the day will be like, get in touch with your Gillingham moving company and make sure that the weather is not affecting their schedule. This happens in most cases and will keep you waiting if you get ready without communicating properly with them. The next thing to do is to protect your belongings from the rain and snow. The removal company will be covering or wrapping your items with a moving blankets, but this in essence will offer little or no protection against the rain and snow. The only thing that will protect your items and furniture products from these is the plastic wrap or shrink wrap. But you will not get this from the removers at the normal cost. If you demand that they do it for you, then you might pay heavily for an additional service. You may always do this by yourself if you call to you removals company in Dartford and you do not like their price. Just buy some good amount of heavy duty shrink or plastic wrap, and use the masking tape to tape it all around your electronics and furniture products, and your items are safe from the bad weather.

What to definitely secure against bad weather

First of all, you have to take special care of your mattress in this circumstance, no matter the weather. Don’t allow any amount of snow or rain to get your mattress damp or wet. When it gets moldy or wet, it could get damaged. This is where you sleep and it should be as fresh as possible. Because of this, let it be the first item you will shrink and plastic warp. And do it properly.

Moving blankets against rainWhen it comes to the boxes, you have just one option, and this is the option of using only the clean and strong ones according to the professional’s specifications. They could also be damaged by rain. Sometimes, your boxes contain extremely delicate items like your books and documents. This is why it is advised that you make use of the laminated boxes that are already immune to humidity and rain. You should also offer extra protection with the plastic and shrink warps. Make sure you tape the corners of the boxes properly. Again, ensure that the boxes are well built if you will be building by yourself. Now, the boxes are better off when they are small in size. Use boxes that are as small as an average microwave and not bigger than a table top refrigerator. If they will contain fragile items, you should shrink and plastic wrap them on time. If you think what to pack last when you get prepared to your Chatham house relocation, when there is a slightest risk that bad weather conditions may appear, try not to leave you garden furniture and equipment at the very end of packing. Not only the garden set will get soaked when the rain drops in the middle of packing process.

Access to your premises

In the case there is snow during the move or before it, your major task is to ensure that your street is already cleared before the scheduled move time, if not, the man and van Ashford may not be able to get to your house. Another area you should be careful about is your house. Make sure that the steps, staircases and sidewalks are all cleared of any atom of snow. This is to avoid the Gravesend movers and even you getting hurt or injured in the process. Ensure that there is no ice, to avoid problems when the items are being moved with carts and dollies to the moving truck.

Moving far awayNow, if you are moving to a place that is close to your current location and it is also snowing there, you have to perform the same rituals to avoid problems when your loads will be unpacked in your destination.  But if you are planning international removals Canterbury, the best bet for you is to keep track of the weather of the destination, so that you know the preparation to make on time before your properties arrive.

Another precautionary measure is to check each item while it is being brought from your home before it is placed in the moving truck. This is to be certain that they are all properly protected from the weather. You should also do the same double checking when you get to your final destination or new home. This is to ascertain whether there has been any exposure to rain and snow. Just keep in touch with your moving company dispatcher and agree to a delay if the weather is not good. It is better that your dispatcher, the movers, the truck and your belongings arrive safe and late than arriving on time damaged.